Apples versus Androids

So, a friend of mine and I have been discussing the issue of which smart phone is better. He is a fan of Android and I am a fan of Apple. You can read the battle below… or I can just tell you which is better…

*SpOiLeR aLeRt!*

Apple IOS 4 is (at the moment) not as popular as the Android supported phones.


Costs twice for the phone and the plan plus I can name about 20 things Android does that Iphone doesn’t. Don’t get me started. I get angry arguing against Apple and their products for the sheeple. They look sexy and work smoothly true, but they are overpriced, underpowered and lack depth.


I agree with some of your points. In order for the android to even compete with the iphone, it had to come up with a competitive device and what better way to do that, then to make something that does all the key things the iphone doesn’t do. In that regard, there are many different ways the android is better, plus its cheaper and the economy sucks. What makes the apple iphone so great for me, and probably many of its users, are 3 key things. The first is its compatibility with all of the other apple devices. Through the app store, I can control my apple tv, easily sync all my photos and files, dates, contacts, etc. with my computer and my Mobile Me Cloud. The second is the iphone’s user friendliness and the fact that everything works pretty much the same way on every apple device. The app store is also a genius project, invented by apple, and copied by android (with only a fraction of the success, so far), that makes almost anything in my life easier, from shopping to being able to deposit checks to my Chase bank account through the Chase app. I understand that the Android has some app power and the user friendliness of that, but it is no where near as powerful and built up as the apple app store is and there is one other thing about the apple app store that brings me to my last point. Safety.

The third thing is the safety and security that all of the apple products provide. I never worry about viruses. ever. Why, because apple keeps everything on lock. You can’t just drop an app into the app store. It has to go through an annoying and rigorous approval process first. Sure, many developers don’t like it, but many developers I know use only apple computers to develop. so you tell me. I just think that the price for quality is worth the ease I experience with my apple iphone everyday. Maybe I sacrifice being able to use my phone as a hotspot. But I think the other benefits make up for it in the long run!


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