eHarmony sucks

So, I have to give a quick shout out to the scammers at eHarmony…

I joined a while back and then ended up going back out with my ex. When that didn’t work out again for the zillionth time I thought I was ready to try something new, again. I got an email with a super sweet deal to try eHarmony again for $15 a month for 3 months!

I decided to take the super sweet deal… and was soon met with over 300 matches to go through! Apparently, they had just kept sending me matches while I wasn’t using the service. The kicker is, I had to go through each profile one by one in order to ‘archive’ them. I get that the reason for this is to ensure that you are being serious about their serious approach to finding you ‘perfect’ matches, but I just feel like there is something wrong with this picture.

When I called the customer support for assistance, the pretentious man was about as helpful as my cats were and basically told me that this was the way they did things, so deal with it. I asked him if it was possible to start over, since I still had the email and could just click-through it to sign up again with the super sweet deal. He said sure, deleted my account, and basically just hung up.

Here is the funny part. After filling out the half hour-long questionnaire, it informed me that there were no matches available for me at this time and that I couldn’t join their exclusive community. I am not even sure what to think, except that there are so many problems and holes in this ‘system’, combined with poor user ability and customer support, that I will never use eHarmony again… so, really, they just did me a favor and saved me $45.


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